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At Essence Cane Corso we highly recommend feeding your Cane Corso a high quality diet. By feeding a quality diet, this will ensure excellent overall health.  Genetics provide a solid foundation but it is the balance of nutrition and care(exercise) that keeps your Cane Corso healthy and fit.  A low quality diet can lead to numerous health problems which are unfortunately, often entirely blamed on genetics.  

In order for your Cane Corso to reach its full potential you must provide a well thought out diet and stimulating environment. Plan ahead or plan to fail. 

We feed our program roughly 25% RAW/COOKED and 75% natural dry kibble, in separate feedings of course. 


When feeding a raw diet use only fresh human grade meats. If you choose to feed raw and kibble, do so in separate feedings. Fresh, raw bones only! Cooked bones are brittle and cause damage to your pet. In addition, we also supplement raw eggs, fish oil, bacon with grease, sweet potatoes and chicken with the dry kibble to provide some extra nutrients and to maintain a strong drive to consume all portions.

75% Kibble – The quality of kibble varies greatly, there are a few high quality kibbles on the market.  We choose to use Hollistic Select and Kirkland's(Costco Brand) formulas. We stay away from foods with a lot of fillers and grains. Your choice of kibble's first five ingredients should list all high quality ingredients.

Essence Cane Corso has had success with these methods to maintain overall health over the years. Please find a balance of diet and exercise that will compliment your life style along with the needs of the breed and age.

Also, don’t forget to provide all of the vaccinations that are necessary to your living area, to keep your pet safe from infection and maintain their monthly heart worm and flea and tick preventive.


Homemade Chew Bones

Items Needed:

Pre Heat Oven for 350 degrees

Family pack of Neck bones(Beef or Pork)

Pinch of Season Salt

Cookie sheet

All Natural Olive Oil Spray

Gallon Ziploc Bag



Spray Cookie sheet with olive oil spray(Prevent sticking)

Washed and placed Neck Bones on cookie sheet

Sprinkle a pinch of season salt 

Place in Oven for 15-20 minutes(Just to kill potential bacteria)

Let cool and place in the Ziploc bag for storage in the refrigerator 

Your dog will enjoy!!!!!!









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